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Hollow structural sections or HSS is a type of metal profile with a hollow tube section.


They are extremely tough and durable. The most common are circular, square or rectangular, although other shapes are available. It can incorporate a variety of different alloys in its design. Its versatility makes it useful in a variety of different industries.  RHS Steel, also known as rectangular hollow structural sections are more commonly used as standard steel frames which can be loaded from different directions in the structural applications of buildings.

RHS Steel can be used in the construction of residential, industrial, agricultural or commercial structures. Such as fence posts, rails, bearings for flooring, decking, bridges, buildings, houses and a myriad of other construction options. RHS Steel is very popular in construction and other manufacturing applications such as automotive and storage due to its strength, economy and simplicity to use compared to the other variants. Its smooth flat surfaces can make construction easier.

Due to the minimal edge preparation required when connecting sections and its ease in joining to other sections, requiring only a straight cut before wielding to another flat surface. In industrial settings, they are prized for their strength and ability to withstand high temps, pressure and destructive elements.

rhs steel

RHS Steel comes in a broad range of sizes to suit the required need and can be cut to exact specifications. They are sometimes preferred in structures with exposed structural supports for their aesthetic value, its clean lines and flat surfaces are considered pleasing to the eye compared to the other shapes such as the circular or square variants.

They can also come in a wide variety of colours and finishes to enhance their aesthetic quality and are sometimes less susceptible to environmental factors. It has a high strength to weight ratio, can be more cost effective and is able to be recycled and used for a variety of other roles. RHS Steel has many different uses and applications due to its versatility and strength.

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