Buy Full-length Duragal Steel channels in Melbourne

Steel channels provide high structural support. They are ideal as supportive structures in building corners, railings and as a framing material in construction of buildings and machines. Duragal steel channels are used in environments which needs very high resistance against corrosions.

Duragal steel is a high strength steel made with an advanced Zinc coating technology called Magnelis developed in Australia. In Magnelis technology, steel is dipped in a molten bath of zinc with 3.5% aluminium and 3% magnesium. This 3% magnesium creates a highly durable layer on the entire surface which gives higher corrosion protection than coatings with a lower magnesium content. It provides superior protection against corrosion under the harshest of environments. Duragal finish offers smooth surface with uniform thickness suitable for powder coating and painting.

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