Melbourne Steel Fabrication & Steel Services

Are you looking for a Melbourne steel fabrication company? Melsteel Pty Ltd has been servicing the steel industry for more than 30 years and are specialised in supplying mild steel, steel fabrication and installing / erecting steel in various projects.

Beginning as a small family business, Melsteel quickly emerged as one of Melbourne’s largest and most reputable steel suppliers, known for its quality products and personalised service.

Our head office, located on Abbott Road, Hallam, is responsible for general steel sales, domestic fabrication and steel detailing. Take a look at our steel services and fabrication below.

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Structural Steel Estimating


With a constantly changing construction industry, it’s important to have a steel estimator you can trust to provide reliable and accurate cost-efficient estimates.

Our estimating team at Melsteel has spent over 30 years in the industry, having dealt with a wide range of projects including residential buildings, bridges, infrastructures, factories, and more.

You won’t find a more experienced team in Melbourne to help you prepare and/or bid for work with confidence.

Structural Steel Drafting Services

The drafting team at Melsteel specialise in the preparation of workshop drawings for the manufacturing of steel framework used in construction of buildings, bridges, handrails and other steel structures.

With over 30 years of drafting experience, coupled with advanced technologies like AutoCAD, we’re able to identify and resolve potential problems before they arise.

Structural Steel Installation & Erection



We understand that the quality of installation is just as important as the quality of the structural steel material. This is why we manage your structural steel projects from start to finish, all under the one roof.

Our fleet of trucks range from semi-trailers to 8 tonne tray crane trucks. With an experienced erection team, we’re capable of delivering large steel projects across Victoria. Contact our structural steel estimators to get a quote on your steel project.



Melbourne Steel Fabrication Services

Laser Cutting


Laser Machine

Our high definition laser cutting machine allows for precise cuts at high speed. We’re able to produce almost any shape from thick steel plates for a wide range of residential uses.

Brake Pressing / Folding

We offer customised steel folding in Melbourne for residential and industrial uses. Our high-tech press brakes can accurately bend and fold materials into different shapes to suit a range of steel applications.

Our highly skilled steel fabrication staff can handle complex folding requirements with ease and deliver exceptional results, every time.



We have a well-equipped melbourne steel fabrication department with highly capable welders that deliver exceptional results consistently.

With boilermakers qualified to Australian industry standards, we specialise in, MIG, TIG and structural steel weldng. Melsteel has been highly regarded for premium quality, on-time delivery and workmanship for over 30 years.

Steel Drilling Services

Our steel drilling machine allows us to drill numerous holes in steel beams at a much more efficient rate than doing it manually.

After the beams have been cut to length on the band saw, our skilled operators utilise computerised numerical control (CNC) technology to program the precise hole location and size.

The beams can then be fabricated with cleats and plates if required, then cleaned up wire brushed, primed, ready to be delivered to site.

Band Saw Cutting

Order your steel through Melsteel and have it cut to the size you need – all under the one roof.

Our in-house semi-automatic bandsaw machines can cut long items of flat, angle, round, square, channel, hollow bars, piping and tubing to suit your steel projects.

Speak to our sales team when placing your steel order to organise steel cut to size.

Guillotining Services

We use the latest steel guillotining technology to accurately cut any thickness of mild steel in large quantities. This process is quick and efficient for large projects that need straight and consistent cuts. 

When in conjunction with our brake press and other machines, we can ensure superior steel fabrication results for your project.

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We’re proud to be one of the most trusted steel fabrication companies in Melbourne. Speak with our team today to see how we can help with your steel project