Galvanised steel, known for its added layer of zinc coating, is a popular choice to prevent rust and add a protective veneer against scratches. This coating process, typically involving dipping steel into molten zinc, renders galvanised steel less suitable for environments with harsh acids or corrosive materials but ideal for outdoor exposure.

Key Features and Uses of Galvanised Steel Pipes

  • Zinc coating provides enhanced durability against corrosion.
  • Resilient in cold weather, resistant to cracking or freezing.
  • Suitable for marine applications.
  • Efficient for transporting both hot and cold water.

Galvanised pipes, coated in zinc to deter rust, were commonly used in plumbing, especially in houses built before the 1960s. This anti-rust coating makes them a prime choice for plumbing systems, where constant water exposure is a factor. While galvanised pipes have a lifespan of over 40 years, environmental factors and minerals in water can reduce this lifespan. Consulting with a plumber is advisable when considering galvanised piping for plumbing.

Potential Risks with Galvanised Pipes

Over time, the zinc coating on galvanised pipes can erode, potentially leading to lead accumulation inside the pipes and water supply contamination. The best solution in older homes is to fully replace the galvanised plumbing and lead service lines.

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