Round Bars

Black steel round bars come in 6m stock lengths. They come in round shape and can be galvanised or  fabricated according to your needs. If the size of the bar you need is not listed, please contact our sales team to advise on availability. All the prices of our mild steel black round bars can be obtained by downloading the steel prices here. Check out the whole range of steel bars here.

What are Black steel round bars?

Black steel round bars are steel bars produced in a rolling mill through a rolling process. Steel is passed through several rolls by heating raw materials such as billet, blooms, etc. at a temperature of around 1200 C to achieve the desired shape and size. Black steel bars are not reheated for accuracy and are mostly manufactured without any delays. This is the reason black bars are usually cheaper than bright bars.


Features of black round bars 

  • Can be used where precise shapes and tolerances are not required.
  • Cheaper than bright bars
  • Faster manufacturing process

Uses of black steel round bars

  • Railroad tracks and I-beams
  • Welding and construction