Cold Rolled Steel sheet

Looking to buy Cold rolled steel sheet in Melbourne? At Melsteel, we have a large range of cold rolled steel sheet in various sizes available for sale. 

Cold rolled steel sheets are essentially hot rolled steel that has undergone some further processing in cold-reduction mills. Once the metal is cooled down, it is rolled at room temperature to produce the cold rolled metal sheet.

Cold rolled mild steel sheet features

  • More precise dimensions
  • Better surface finish with well-defined edges and corners
  • Stronger and harder than the hot rolled steel

Cold rolled steel sheet uses

  • In automobile parts that require great surface finish
  • Appliances, computer hardware cabinet, metal furniture, toolboxes etc.

If you require a different size than the listed ones, please call our sales staff and they will endeavour to source your required material. We also offer processing and fabrication with sheet materials. Get the cold rolled steel prices by downloading our steel price list.