Automatic Swing Gate Motors

Looking to buy automatic swing gate motors in Melbourne?

Melsteel offers automatic swing gate motors exclusively from Nicehome brands.

Are Swing Gate Motors The Ideal Gate Automation For You?


Swing gates have one or two leafs opening and closing on a hinge, generally inwards. Choose between a solid, semi-solid or see-through gate to meet your preferences for privacy, street-appeal or views. Swing gate motors require space to accomodate the swinging motion, dependingon the size of the leafs.

Types Of Swing Gate Motors


With kits ready for installation and simplicity for everyday use, it’s never been easier to have a smart home.

  • Alto: A complete articulated arm kit for automating single-leaf swing gates up to 1.6m wide and weighing up to 200kg each. The kit contains one motor and two remotes with optional accessories available. This kit is most ideal for small posts and pedestrian gates and takes only 7 seconds to open and close.
  • Maestro: A complete articulated arm kit for automating double-leaf swing gates up to 2.2m wide and weighing up to 250kg per leaf. The kit contains two motors and two remotes, with optional accessories available. Enjoy the luxury of 8 seconds to open and close your gate, and have peace of mind with advanced safety measures.
  • Aria: The Aria comes two kits: The Aria 200 & The Aria 400. Both models are worm-drive motors that automate double-leaf swing gates. The Aria 200 automates up to 2.2m wide and weighing up to 250kg per leaf, whereas the Aria 400 automates up to 4.5m wide and weighing up to 450kg per leaf. The Aria kits are adaptable, fast, safe and practical with their optional extras, extensions and back-up features during blackouts. Recommended for heavy gates.

Benefits of Automatic Swinging Gates

  • New easier mount brackets.
  • Lighter motor.
  • Long term reliability.
  • Professional quality.
  • Have comfort at your fingertips with universal remotes.
  • Compatible with solar power.
  • Versatility with equal simplicity.

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