Rectangular Hollow Section Steel (RHS) Primed

Are you in the market for RHS (rectangular hollow sections) steel in Melbourne with plenty of stock ready to go? Look no further. We have tonnes! 

Get access to one of the largest range of RHS steel and other structural steel products in Melbourne.

With over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience, Melsteel continues to be one of the leaders in the steel industry for structural steel requirements in Victoria.

RHS steel or rectangular hollow sections are ideal for a wide variety of residential, industrial, agricultural or commercial applications. RHS Steel is very popular in construction and other manufacturing applications such as automotive and storage due to its strength, economy and simplicity to use compared to the other variants. They are ideal for applications like fence posts, rails, bearings for flooring, decking, bridges, buildings, houses and a myriad of other construction options. Its smooth flat surfaces can make construction easier.

They come in a variety of sizes which can also be cut to your required sizes.

Check out all the hollow section products here. We also have Primed Square Hollow Section (SHS steel), Galvanised RHS, Galvanised SHS and Square Post End Caps in stock, ready for your custom steel fabrication or fast delivery to your work site.