Buy Bright Bar CS1020

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Steel Bright bars are supplied in CS1020 Grade and come in 6m stock lengths. They come in round shape and can be fabricated according to your needs. If the size or grade of the bar you are after is not listed, please contact our sales team to advise on availability.

What Are Bright Bars?

Bright bars are steel bars which are geometrically precise in shape with smooth and shiny surface which makes them look bright.
Bright bars are so popular due to their high quality and superior finish. All our steel bright bars are of CS1020 grade. CS1020 is a general purpose low tensile, low hardenability carbon steel that is easy to weld.

Uses Of Bright Bars:

  • Machinery that is used to make textiles
  • Electric pumps and motors
  • To make nuts, bolts, parts of engines etc. in the automobile industry
  • Sports and health equipment
  • Agricultural sector to make machinery and equipment
  • Railway engines and coaches
  • Petroleum industry and mines

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