Mesh reinforcement is the process of using welded metal wire fabric as a reinforcement for structural concrete elements such as concrete slabs and walls. Reinforcing mesh usually comes in a rectangular or square grid pattern and is produced in flat sheets.

Why mesh reinforcement?

Plain concrete itself is not a good structural material.  It cannot withstand the various stresses caused by external loads, forces such as winds, earthquakes, other vibrations etc.  

Mesh reinforcement helps concrete elements with:

  1. Better crack control: Mesh reinforcement helps to reduce the amount and size of cracks in concrete slabs and walls. 
  2. Effective distribution of load: The addition of steel mesh helps in smooth distribution of the load.
  3. Improved fire resistance.
  4. Added tensile strength

Types of reinforcing mesh

At Melsteel, we sell various types of reinforcing mesh. Some of them are,

Square mesh:

This is a general purpose mesh used for reinforcing flat concrete elements such as floor slabs and walls. Buy square mesh here

Rectangular mesh: 

This is used in concrete walls and slabs when additional strength is required in a chosen direction. You can buy rectangular mesh here.

Trench mesh:

Trench mesh, a long narrow sheet of mesh, is usually used as a reinforcing material in concrete footings for trenches, paths or other narrow spaces. Buy trench mesh here.

What is next?

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