Choosing the right steel fabrication company is the crucial first step for any steel project to go smoothly. It is important that you invest some time into researching the best steel fabricator. Without that, you may face quality issues or design issues later which could lead to considerable financial stress.  

Here are 5 important factors to consider while choosing a steel fabrication company. 

Experience in the field

One of the most critical factors to consider while choosing your steel fabrication company is their experience. Make sure they have enough experience in projects similar to yours by having a thorough discussion with them. This will help you understand the way they run their operations, past projects they have worked on and their knowledge of industry codes and regulations.

Available services

It is always good to go with a full service steel fabrication company to save you time and money. Having the capacity to accommodate a range of services means that your project will be completed with high efficiency and professionalism. Relevant services you can look for include:

  • Steel fabrication/Custom steel fabrication
  • Steel drafting
  • Surface treatment
  • Steel delivery and installation 


Find out what certifications the company holds and what level of quality control they have in place. Make sure they are aware of the relevant quality standards and their work will pass all levels of inspection. If possible, you could also contact some of the company’s previous customers to know if they were satisfied with the quality of the steel products they received.

Customer service

While talking with the steel fabrication company, they should be able to clarify all your queries and be transparent in their dealings. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions until you have your peace of mind.  To be able to provide you with a quick quote, offer you the best advice and suggestions on a job, etc. is a huge positive. Receiving good customer service is an indication of starting a long term relationship with the company. 


One of the important factors to consider while choosing a steel fabrication company is the size of their workforce. If you have a big project and the workforce is too small, they may struggle to complete the project on time. So, it may be a good idea to talk to the company about their staffing levels and their experience well ahead.

What next?

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