For anyone in the steel construction or manufacturing industries, finding a reliable steel supplier is a great advantage.  But it’s not just your main steel supplies that need attention.  Welding accessories are a necessity for a lot of Melbourne steel customers!

If you need steel supplies and welding accessories, it pays to find one Melbourne steel supplier who can provide you with both.  Why should you order your supplies across a number of businesses when one can offer you a wider array of services and products?

When it comes to welding accessories, Melsteel are able to provide your business with a variety of products – including cutting discs, grinding discs, spray paint cans and welding electrodes.

Sometimes all you need is to stock up on a few consumables, and rather than spend precious time heading to the hardware store, or ordering through another specialist welding supplier, you can add these items to your Melsteel Steel order!

To make it even easier, they are all available in a handy online store, with competitive prices and exceptional service.   The online store also features steel components and products of all shapes and sizes – angles, pipe, reinforcing products, universal beams and columns.

Melsteel can help you with all aspects of steel – from design and fabrication, to delivery and welding accessories.  So if you are looking to simplify your supply orders, it makes sense to head to a one stop steel shop!

Contact Melsteel today, or head over to their online store.  Your welding accessories and steel supplies are just a click away!

Welding Accessories Melbourne