Steel doesn’t have to be limited to the construction and manufacturing industries – you can create fantastic steel sheet art that lasts lifetimes!

For countless years, steel has been a big player in the creative arts.  Everything from architecture, to sculpting and jewellery… steel sheet art has found a home in the art world as a brilliant medium.

Artists who work with steel find that it is versatile, durable, recyclable, and can be as malleable as any other metal medium.  And let’s not forget to mention that steel sheet is easy to source from Melsteel.

We could keep talking about the magic of steel sheet art, but think it’s best to show you in beautiful images we found from around the globe!

Steel Sheet Art - Weisman Art Museum

Architecture is functional artwork at its finest – so this is probably one of the most common areas you’ll find steel sheet art.

A perfect example is the Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis, USA.  The angles, curves, light play and industrial grandeur of the museum’s exterior are striking and unforgettable!

Aesthetic Detailing
Steel Sheet Art
Steel Sheet Art
Steel Sheet Art

Not all buildings are created entirely out of steel – many more have smaller element of steel sheet art as an aesthetic detail.  They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, thanks to steel’s amazing versatility.  And being so hard-wearing, it can stand the test of time and weather!

Steely Animal Sculptures!
Steel Sheet Art

This is one of our favourites.  Pop this little guy in your backyard and you’ll be surprised how many people believe he’s the real deal at first glance!

And being steel, this little raven will stand strong on his own for many years.

Steel Sheet Art

We couldn’t leave this stunning piece of recycled art out of the picture!   There are elements of metal sheet in this steel cobra, from the belly pieces to the small details.  It perfectly illustrates the versatility of steel, and how it can be recycled without actually melting it down for recasting.

Floral Colour
Steel Sheet Art

Imagine this attention-grabbing bouquet in your home or on the patio!  Beautiful and delicate, yet hardy and weather-resistant, these are the ultimate perennials for your backyard.

Steel sheet art is everywhere, and we probably don’t even see most of it!  If you have a budding sculptor lurking inside your creative self, or are just looking for steel sheet supplies for your business or home, Melsteel is one of Melbourne’s leading steel suppliers.

We can help with steel sheet – whatever size and thickness you’re after.  And if you are looking for something a little more unique, we have a design team and fabrication facility to make sourcing your steel a whole lot easier!  Of course, being a large steel supplier, Melsteel can also assist with accessories and welding supplies to complete your projects.

Feeling inspired?  Contact Melsteel today to find out more, or check out our online store!