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Steel Inspirations For Your Home – “Amazing Design: Sculptural stairs take Paddington home to another level”Domain

 It simply amazes us how one grand idea is all it takes to create something memorable. A Sydney owner-architect Annabelle Chapman of Annabell Chapman Architect recently renovated her Victorian terrace in Paddington, and boy oh boy is it a site for sore eyes!
Steel Inspirations

“In the process of searching for a simple set of stairs that “were sculptural and didn’t take up much space”, she discovered an architectural element that now defines and distinguishes her unique home. ” – Domain

Steel Inspirations

Annabelle transformed her two-bedroom terrace into a three bedroom, three bathroom home. With an open plan living and dining kitchen space which opens to the rear deck. With her family consisting of adults and children, coming and going as they please, she found a way to have each of her rooms to maintain acoustic and visual privacy.

“Steel framed stairs fabricated in Italy were designed to span the width of the terrace while creating a sculptural element to the living room.”  – Architect owner, Annabelle Chapman

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Information and Image source: Domain