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Steel DIY Projects – Steel Vase – Here at Melsteel we appreciate any and all projects that involve steel!

There are so many Steel DIY Projects with tutorials and step by step guides on how to create your very own masterpiece made out of steel.

This week we would love to showcase these gorgeous Steel Vases created by Instructables user Cammers.

We can’t get over the rustic appeal these vases bring to the table. They would suit almost any home as a decorative piece of self-made art.


Steel DIY Projects

Add some fresh blooming flowers or succulents and you have yourself a beautiful centerpiece for your family dining table. Your friends and family will be amazed and what a great gift to pass on to generations to come!

“I really enjoy turning scrap steel into objects that some people might find beautiful. I have had some success using flat steel plate to make three-dimensional objects. Inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes I can spend hours staring at image searches on the web”. – Cammers

Take inspiration from this exquisite Steel DIY Project and try make it yourself!

What do you think? Are you loving the Steel DIY Project using flat steel? Maybe you have a DIY itch that needs to be scratched? Get in touch with Melsteel. We have a wide selection of steel and metals you can put to good use and make your home unique.

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