Steel cat enclosures are a great alternative to constantly worrying if your beloved cat is safe outdoors.

At Melsteel, we have the supplies you need to build your own custom steel cat enclosures to suit your best friend.

So what type of cat enclosure is right for you? We have a few ideas on how you can create a sturdy steel cat enclosure without the ‘claustrophobic’ look to it.

A Tower

A tower is a simple yet effective style amongst steel cat enclosures. It allows for height and a suitable amount of space for your cat to move around in. It is ideal for short-term housing either for overnight or for a time-out room during the day.

You can decorate a tower cat enclosure in any way you chose, however the best way is to add shelves and climbing poles so your cat will always find something to explore. Our steel mesh is the best type of fencing for this style of cat enclosure for its strength and transparency – your cat will be safe but has a great view!

Enclosed Section

Another option is an enclosed section. This is a space against a wall or in a corner that has steel mesh extending out and around a selected area. This is good when you want your pet closer to the house and saves you from using a lot of mesh.

If you place the enclosure against a window, your cat will also be able to look inside and interact with you as you keep an eye on them!

Partially Open

A partially open enclosure is better for long-term housing. Half of the enclosure is open and completely made of mesh, and the other half a sheltered space. You can easy create this type of enclosure with an existing shed or with some steel sheets from our website.

Once you have chosen from the selection of steel cat enclosure ideas, don’t be afraid to decorate! Cats love to climb, play and explore. While they are in the enclosure, you want them to feel comfortable and safe and not agitated and bored.

A great place to set up a cat enclosure is around a tree, so your cat can be around a natural climbing pole, especially if they are an outdoor cat. Alternatively, you can add rocks, cat-safe plants and grass to help you cat feel at home.


Cats also need somewhere to hide, so your enclosure shouldn’t be completely open! Try adding a steel shelter, boxes or bushes so your cat can have his or her privacy.

For your next cat enclosure endeavour, contact us at Melsteel for your steel supplies. We can help size and deliver the materials you need to help keep your furry friend happy and safe.