RHS Steel- Rectangular Hollow Sections

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RHS Steel – Rectangular 8M

RHS Steel or Rectangular Hollow Sections are stocked in the listed sizes and lengths. We offer cutting and processing if required. Please contact our sales team on 87943100 or request a quote via our website and they can advise pricing for your requirements.

Some of the features of Rectangular Hollow Sections are:

  • It has very high structural strength
  • It can withstand very heavy loads and stresses
  • Its smooth flat surfaces can make construction easier
  • It has a high strength to weight ratio

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RHS Steel is widely used in various mechanical and construction projects.Due to its flat surface, it requires very less edge preparation when joining to other flat surfaces. 

We stock Duragal finish materials, if you require Allgal/Supagal, please call us and we can source your required material.

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