As cute as puppies are, with their adorable little puppy eyes, they are a handful! Trouble on four legs we say! Between teething and toilet training you’ll get a good work out rushing him/her outside or removing things from their path. Having a secure place to keep them in a space which allows for the puppy to play and enjoy while you can rest easy knowing they aren’t getting into every thing is exactly what you want!


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Advantages of Puppy Playpens

A playpen provides your puppy with a comfortable place to explore and learn about the world without exposing him to the hazards inherent in the average home. Things as seemingly innocent as a dangling lamp cord could spell disaster if a teething puppy decides to chew on one while it is plugged in. Of course, potty accidents are another reason your puppy is best confined to one area until trained. Giving your little one a quiet place of his own to sleep and teaching him to tolerate not being near you constantly without separation-anxiety issues are two others.
You can create a nice secure space quite easily using Sheepyard Mesh.

Sheepyard Mesh is a great material to use, it has a nice smooth finish and is easy to maneuver and transform.

DIY vs. Commercial Playpen

You can purchase commercial playpens for your puppy and erect them, but unless you raise puppies on a regular basis, this could be an unwarranted expense for what is typically a one-use item. Making your own panels from readily available Sheepyard Mesh probably is cheaper and allows you to customize the playpen to suit your puppy’s size and activity levels.

The Essentials
You should definitely have some sort of bedding for your puppy, during the puppies first few weeks of life, we truly do recommend using old unwanted sheets or towels, these furry little things tend to get dirty quite quickly! Give your puppy a wide, spill proof, unbreakable water bowl and food bowl aswell. Make the Sheepyard Mesh play pen large enough to add a potty area of thick newspapers. Offer a variety of toys to keep him occupied and to help him teeth ion-destructive ways.

Sheepyard Mesh

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DIY Panels

You can make panels using Sheepyard Mesh in a number of ways. Fasten them together using PVC pipe or wooden frames. Attach them to one another using nylon zip ties at the sides of the frames to build a custom-shaped playpen. Make each Sheepyard Mesh panel about 3 feet high by a similar length and you can rearrange or add to the size of the playpen as your puppy grows. Most people easily can step over a panel of that height so you may not need a Sheepyard Mesh gate. If you prefer to have one, just leave one side of a Sheepyard Mesh panel unfastened and block it shut with something heavy or tie it with a bungee cord that you can unfasten wheecessary to open it.


Check out our variety of mesh available for all your puppy playpeeeds! Contact us if you have any questions you might have, we’d love to hear from you or hear about any recent project you might have.