Reinforcing Steel for super strong concrete! Concrete slabs are not just about pouring and finishing.  There are many different components to laying the ideal concrete slab.  The quality of the concrete mix, the type, thickness of the slab, and levelling and preparing the surface.  All of these are critical depending on the purpose and size of the slab.  As well as those already mentioned, the quality of reinforcing steel is one of the most critical elements, and decisions about product and suppliers should be made carefully.

Reinforcing SteelReinforcing Steel is used before the concrete is poured, in order to add strength to the concrete.  Most people who have seen concrete poured, or the surface being prepared, will be familiar with the steel mesh that is laid across the surface.  Mesh comes in all types of sizes and grades, depending on the purpose of the concrete and the quality of the surface.  A driveway needs to be a lot stronger than an outdoor area, due to the weight of vehicles driving and parking on it.  And a house needs to be stronger again so as to support our homes for all the years ahead!

Melsteel are leaders in steel products and provide a great range of reinforcing steel mesh, deformed bars (for further reinforcing in situations where the reinforcing steel is expected to slide), expansion jointing and accessories needed to make sure your concrete has the strength needed!

You can be confident that Melsteel will supply you with high-quality products at competitive prices, and even arrange delivery for you!

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