Hints to create a steel carport to compliment your home


Keep the same detailing, overhang and fascia style


If your house has a front porch, the carport can be a version of it. A successful carport will use elements of the home, but on a smaller scale


Rather than match the shelter with elements of the house,  mimicked an existing gate and trellis on the property to tie it into the right look and feel. Use steel columns to make it slender and graceful.


Consider alternative uses during the design phase. Most carports double as covered patio space, so a rear storage shed is useful.


For construction materials, consider steel as well as wood. Steel allows for more elegant construction without so much bracing. Likewise, pavers can be more attractive than concrete for the floor.


Tie in elements of the carport to design details of the home and other elements on-site, such as a gateway or fence.


The space between carport and the home’s side door is an opportunity for aesthetic elements that can impact the overall look.


Do it legally (many people don’t). Get a building permit and follow the rules of the zoning. Remember, the carport has to be 5 feet from the property line, even after allowing for 2 feet of overhang on the roof.


Consider a modified garage/carport. Most people add carports in front of their garages.


Don’t forget the importance of good lighting.