As a galvanised steel supplier, Melsteel offers quality materials for your building business or home renovatioeeds.

Galvanised steel is an important part of structuring buildings and is an extremely popular material because of its many uses and reliability. However, it is crucial to get steel from a trusted galvanised steel supplier, such as Melsteel, to ensure you receive a long-lasting, quality metal.


What are the uses of Galvanised Steel?

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Galvanised steel has many uses, namely as material for building projects because of its strength and long-lasting properties. However, it can take a lot of forms and be used for either personal or industrial purposes. For instance:


  • Building Structures – Steel used as a structure means greater support for industry-level projects. Houses, commercial spaces and community buildings all need a good structure to stay strong and secure.


  • Mesh – Galvanised steel in the form of mesh still has the same properties as other forms of galvanised steel. It is very versatile and useful for both industry and personal project. Galvanised mesh is ideal for use as a concrete support (the mesh is inserted into the concrete slab before drying to add strength), structural support for building frames and as safe outdoor cages or enclosures for animals.

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  • Steel Roofing – Galvanised steel is great for roofing because of its ability to withstand the elements. It can be used for industrial roofing or personal use (such as roofing for a backyard shed or granny flat).


  • Sculptural Structures – For artistic projects, galvanised steel is great for long-lasting outdoor works. All types of galvanised steel can be used for sculptures, from beams (to support large concrete-based statues) to sheets (for an entirely metal sculpture).

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What are the Benefits of Galvanised Steel?

Quality galvanised steel from a trusted galvanised steel supplier has many benefits and properties that make it ideal for many projects. These benefits include:

  • Low maintenance – The galvanised coating helps keep the steel from needing updating or maintenance, saving companies a mass of funds yearly.
  • Ease of use – Galvanised steel is ready to go and it doesn’t need extra coating or processing before use.
  • Long life span – On a typical structure, galvanised steel lasts up to 50 years and 20 years and up in costal or urban areas.

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