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Melsteel prides itself on providing quality steel materials in Melbourne for a variety of needs.

We offers general purpose galvanised mesh in a variety of sizes. It’s a versatile product that can be cut, bent, or welded to suit your individual needs.

Galvanization is a process in which a protective zinc coating is applied to steel to prevent rust from occurring.


Some popular uses of galvanised mesh include:

  • Outdoor structures such as enclosures and fencing
  • Barriers for animals (e.g. farms or backyards. Read our blog on ‘puppy playpens’ for more!)
  • Barrier for pests (snakes, rats or mice)
  • Agricultural use (e.g. greenhouses and farms)
  • Safety guards (e.g. windows, doors, bike sheds)
  • Seaside and marine enclosures
  • Building and construction
  • Landscaping
  • Infill panels
  • Wall retention
  • General industrial use

Steel mesh can be galvanised prior to being woven as individual wires or after once it has been woven. Post galvanised mesh usually offers a higher level of anti-corrosion, especially at the joints where rust is common.

galvanised mesh

Benefits of galvanised mesh includes:

  • Variety of shapes
  • Variety of sizes
  • Versatility (it can be cut, bent of welded)
  • The zinc coating protects the steel from rust
  • It’s great for household or industrial use
  • It’s relatively strong
  • It can act as a security barrier for animals, homes or businesses
  • Even if the zinc coating manages to corrode, that layer will be damaged and not the steel beneath it
  • It’s long lasting

Galvanised mesh is fast becoming a popular type of mesh in the industrial business. For your mesh needs, choose Melsteel. We can band saw cut, guillotine and profile cut your steel materials to size to fit your project and our variety of services allows for precision in your project.

If you are looking for professional, quality galvanised mesh, look no further than Melsteel. If you have any questions about our range, please contact us today!