What’s the deal with steel building materials?  Whether you are just starting to ponder ideas for your dream home, or are in the process of making decisions with your chosen builder, the materials you choose for the structure of your new home are critical.  Once your home is built, these materials will be with you for the life of the house!

Melsteel DeliveryYou are most likely familiar with the traditional timber framework that is still commonly seen on most residential building sites in Australia.  And while steel frames have dominated commercial building for over a century now, steel building materials and frames are beginning to gain popularity in residential construction – and for a number of very good reasons.

Steel has a higher strength to weight ratio than timber, which makes steel structures stronger than wood.  As well as this, steel is fire and termite-resistant.  There is generally less waste associated with production in the steel industry – steel is a recyclable product and can be recovered and recycled again and again into new products, while the “offcuts” in steel manufacturing can all be repurposed in other projects.

At Melsteel we know our steel! Whatever you’re after, we can advise on products and pricing, and even provide a full delivery and installation service.

If you are an owner-builder considering steel for your new home, or a professional builder looking to increase the use of steel in your future projects, Melsteel can guide you with current industry information, competitive pricing and outstanding service.

Call Melsteel today to see how you can take advantage of the reliability of steel building materials in your next building project!