Keeping birds has been a past time for generations, and keeping them in a safe and secure environment is a high priority for bird owners. If you’re looking for a Do It Yourself for around the home this summer, here’s some inspiration for a DIY Bird Aviary.

Using steel products from Melsteel, you can build your very own aviary that suits the birds you have while giving them the freedom to fly and be social with other birds. Stainless steel is an ideal material to use for aviaries as steel is known for it’s stregnth, plus resistant to damage and weather.


Some of these aviaries are suitable for small birds such as finches and budgies, but you are only limited by your imagination! Let your building techniques and skills shine using these pictures as inspiration along with Melsteel quality steel products.

DIY Bird Aviary Pictures

DIY Aviary 01

DIY Aviary 02

DIY Aviary 03