Concrete reinforcing mesh is one of the most important pieces of steel in many large industrial projects – and we barely even know it’s there!

Often referred to as ‘rebar’, concrete reinforcing mesh is also known as reinforcing bar or reinforcement steel.

concrete reinforcing mesh

Concrete reinforcing mesh is used to strengthen concrete slabs, roads and bridges. Before the liquid materials dry and harden, a sheet of mesh is added to the centre to act as a skeletal support. The mesh has raised lines to help it remain tight and secure within the concrete or asphalt.

Although concrete is already rather tough – as well as asphalt – it isn’t immune to cracks from high pressure or constant use. That is why concrete reinforcing mesh is so important! If a crack appears, the mesh inside the concrete will hold it together – similarly to closing a wound with stiches, but from the inside.

concrete reinforcing meshA great feature of concrete reinforcing mesh is the flexibility of the steel. It is easy to bend for steel workers, so many different shapes and sizes can be formed for difficult projects. For example, pillars in shopping centres, bridge supports and concrete sculptural structures.

It is suggested that the concrete reinforcing mesh should be covered by at least 30mm of concrete or asphalt to ensure the steel is safe from rust and damage.  The reason rust is prevented with suitable coverage is that the concrete provides a pH value higher than 12 that avoids the corrosion reaction.

There are also many different types of concrete reinforcing mesh which are specifically used for certain structures. These include:

  • Trench mesh – commonly used for residential and industrial buildings to support concrete house footings and beams. They are great for concrete foundations underneath buildings to minimise foundation movement.
  • Square mesh – ideal for flat concrete slabs or walls. It’s a general-purpose concrete reinforcing mesh that also works of sculptures and art pieces.
  • Rectangular mesh – the best for floors or walls that require more strength in a particular direction. It’s great for pavements, warehouse and industrial shed slabs, driveways and patios.

concrete reinforcing mesh

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