What is chequer plate you ask? You might know it by other names – floor plate, diamond plate, tread plate, checker plate… But even if you don’t recognise the names, you’ll certainly know what it is.

Chequer plate (aka checker plate) is probably best described without words! A simple photo sums it all up in an instant. It is everywhere – ramps, stairs, walkways, foot treads and truck trays. In fact, I saw an entire ute tray with a custom built tool box just this afternoon – made entirely out of shiny new chequer plate.  And it looked great!

Chequer Plate

Anywhere that requires the strength of metal and a heavy duty non-slip surface can benefit from chequer plate.  In addition, it adds a great aesthetic edge that shines over plain, flat metal. Airports, hospitals, factories, warehouses, retail centres and schools are just the beginning.  The more you look around, the more you’ll see!

Melsteel is one of the biggest suppliers in Victoria, providing businesses, manufacturers, organisations and tradespeople with quality steel plate for over two decades.  Based in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Melsteel is so close to the Monash Freeway they can share their products and services all over Melbourne and beyond.

Melsteel stocks chequer plate in a variety of sizes, but if you need a different size or thickness, they can also fabricate to order.  Be sure to check in with our sales team to discuss your needs and stock availability.

Whatever your steel requirements, Melsteel can supply and deliver quality products with exceptional customer service.  Contact us today – we have your chequer plate needs sorted.