Advances in 3D Printing with Steel

3D Printed Components

3D Printed Components

Arup, an engineering and design firm that has been involved on projects such as the Sydney Opera House and the Singapore Sports Hub, have developed a new technique for structural steel manufacturing, that they say will make construction cheaper, less wasteful and more environmentally friendly.

Salomé Galjaard, from Arup stated, “By using additive manufacturing we can create lots of complex individually designed pieces far more efficiently,” he also said, “This has tremendous implications for reducing costs and cutting waste. But most importantly, this approach potentially enables a very sophisticated design, without the need to simplify the design in a later stage to lower costs.”

Apart from creating more elegant components which express the forces within each individual joint the innovation could potentially , lower our carbon footprint, reduce costs and cut waste and from the construction sector.

This will be a great innovation for steel, giving the industry new and futuristic ways to building and construction using steel.

This YouTube clips shows off the different components being made with steel in construction.