GARDEN gnomes are a common sight in gardens across the world, but for New Zealand artist Gregor Kregar, building one of his own was it’s own enormous achievement.

Reflective Lullaby - 9m Steel Gnome

This is no ordinary garden gnome. Standing at 9 meters tall, it is made from polished stainless steel and was built with the aid of a structural engineer.

The gnome, Reflective Lullaby, was created in the artist, Gregor Kregar’s studio in Auckland and has made a new home in Melbourne. Motorists can see the enormous steel gnome by the Peninsula Link freeway, in Langwarrin. It had to be helped into the place with the use of a crane.

“Gnomes are quite often overlooked and seen as unimportant, but I like the idea that you can take something that can be forgotten, little things like that, and make them more the focus of attention,” Gregor Kregar told reporters.

“I wanted to create a mystical guardian for modern life.”


But the huge steel gnome is not Mr Kregar’s largest work.

“In terms of scale, it’s quite large, but I’ve done quite a few large architectural pieces before that are even larger,” he said.

The installation is part of the Southern Way McClelland Commission and is one of 14 public art works with a total value of more than $4 million to be commissioned for the road over 25 years.Reflective Lullaby - Steel Gnome

Reflective Lullaby replaces another steel sculpture, The Tree of Life, and in four years will follow it to a permanent home at the nearby McClelland Sculpture Park.