Steel is an all-time favourite among builders in the construction industry. It is used almost everywhere, from modern houses to rails, airports and skyscrapers. What are the benefits of steel for construction? 

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Benefits of steel


Steel is durable

Steel, a compound metal made from iron and carbon, is highly durable and resistant to extreme conditions. It can withstand fire, harsh winds or any difficult conditions without breaking. Steel frame housing components are resistant to temperatures of more than 1000 degree celcius. Not only that, steel is highly resistant to fungus, termite and it doesn’t age as quickly as other construction materials such as wood.

Faster construction

One of the many advantages of steel is, steel parts are usually pre-engineered to a specific design when they are sold. This means they are ready to be erected at the construction site reducing the time and costs involved. The high quality control involved in the steel fabrication process and the availability of pre-cut steel parts make every construction project a fast and smooth process. 

Steel is versatile

One of the main benefits of steel for construction is its versatility. Steel can be molded into virtually any shape, making it an attractive option for construction. Stylish shapes can be created with steel and architects enjoy the freedom to design buildings with modern ideas.The high tensile strength of steel lets you create elegant and sleek designs which is not easily achievable with other materials. 

Higher energy savings

Prefabricated steel parts of high quality when combined with proper insulation, provides an air-tight and comfortable sealing for the building. This insulating property helps the building to contain heat during winter and keep the temperatures low during summer. This essentially reduces the energy used for heating or cooling the property. Steel is also environmentally-friendly as it can be recycled repeatedly without losing its properties. 

Cost effective

Steel, when we view it as a long-term investment, is cost-effective. This is mainly due to the very less amount of maintenance it requires. Using steel also reduces labour costs and equipment costs as they are pre-engineered which leads to faster construction with fewer workers. It is also fire-resistant, reliable and durable which leads to less or no rework later. All of these factors make steel a cost-effective material used for construction.

What next?

The benefits of steel are endless and impressive. With over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience, Melsteel continues to be a reliable source of steel for steel builders in Melbourne. No matter the size of your upcoming steel project, from Home DIY projects to complex custom steel fabrications, Melsteel will be able to provide you with all your structural steel building materials.

Send us your drawings or just tell us your requirements so that we can draw it for you. We will fabricate, cut the steel to your requirements, deliver and install it at your site. 

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