Steel is one of the most diverse and useful materials in the world. It is used in a variety of industries such as construction, transport, rail, automotive, agriculture, energy, you name it! So, what makes steel so great? Here are 21 interesting steel facts you probably didn’t know before!


21 steel facts


  1. Steel is 100% recyclable. Yes, it can be recycled any number of times without losing its properties.
  2. 17.5 million steel cans are recycled each week in Australia (according to
  3. The construction sector is the largest consumer of steel, using around 50% of steel produced, followed by the transport industry.
  4. Your car’s safety belts are made with steel.
  5. An average computer is actually 25% steel.
  6. Steel is used in delivering renewable energy like solar, hydro,nuclear and wind power.
  7. The resulting by-products from steel manufacturing are useful in manufacturing other metals, like zinc.
  8. Steel frames are resistant to termites and won’t crack, warp or twist.
  9. Steel, in most cases is stronger than iron.
  10. Mold cannot grow on steel as it is inorganic.
  11. The steel industry was really born after Henry Bessemer developed the Bessemer converter that made steel production much more efficient and cheaper, allowing larger quantities of steel to be produced.
  12. Steel is excellent in storing food. The packaged food remains fresh and safe when it is sealed in a steel can.
  13. Since structural steel is less permeable than wood and concrete, humidity, snowfall, rain, and other harsh climatic conditions cannot affect steel buildings.
  14. Structural steel is the ideal choice for building commercial and industrial buildings that require huge, open interiors.
  15. Steel requires less maintenance which saves you money and time.
  16. There are more than 3,500 different grades of steel according to world steel association.
  17. Around 90% of water used in the steel industry is cleaned, cooled and returned to the source. Most of the water loss is due to evaporation.
  18. In 1937, 83000 tonnes of steel were needed to make the Golden Gate Bridge. Today, only half of that amount would be required.
  19. Steel doors provide 10 times more protection against intruders than wooden doors.
  20. In Australia, steel-making began in 1840 when iron ore deposits were found in South Australia. However,due to the poor quality iron ore and insufficient technical ability, the quality of the final product was not good. In fact, by the 20th Century steel manufacturing in Australia was not really there.
  21. Australian steel industry of today has grown so much that it employs almost 100,000 Australians mainly in various downstream sectors such as the supply chain, transport industry, agriculture industry, fabrication etc. according to Australian steel association.

These are some of the interesting steel facts although the list is endless.

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