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Pre engineered buildings (PEBs)  factory manufactured building structures of steel that are shipped and installed on site to fast construct buildings for industrial, commercial, domestic, public use etc. These buildings can be designed by contractors or builders, one practice is called Design & Build. They are very commonly used as the latest trend in building construction, most are seen as factory, warehouse, cold storage, showroom, office, supermarket, school, stadium etc.


Not like traditional buildings, this style of construction is cheaper, very fast to erect, and can also be dismantled and re-used on another site. While the foundations and floor are under construction, the other structure components such as columns, rafters, bracing, purlins, girt, eave struts, roof and wall sheets etc are also fabricated in the factory, and will be shipped and installed to the site as soon as the foundations and floors are set.



Why choose pre-engineered steel buildings (PEBs)?


  • Quality control is the main advantage as all the structural member are engineered beforehand, standards of different codes also taken into consideration & these components are made in factory under the supervision of Quality Control Engineer.
  • Lower cost due to the saving in design, manufacturing and on site erection cost.
  • Minimizing time of construction due to the use of software for design of the structural components.
  • Low Maintenance due to use of standard quality of paints over steel members , which increases the ability to withstand & finally the maintenance cost will be low as compare to conventional steel building.
  • Quick Erection, as all the members are Pre Manufactured & skilled labor is used for connections of different components.
  • Warranty on PEB, mostly warranty period of 20 years given by manufactures for PEB.



Components and structure members of PEBs:


  • Primary Frame: Primary framing of a PEB is an assembly of builtup I-Shaped steel members & that framing consist trusses or castellated beams etc.
  • Secondary Structural Elements: It is actually Cold Formed Members, which can be in different shapes like “Z”, “C” etc. In general known as “Purlins”.
  • Roof & Wall Panels : Tin shades & Curtain Wall made of Glass & Roll-formed steel sheets usually comes in this category
  • Sandwich Panels: Sandwich Panel is made of three layers , in which a non-Aluminum Core is inserted between two aluminum sheet.
  • Other Accessories: Mezzanine floors, Bolts, Insulation, etc.



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How to build a pre-engineered building with MelSteel?


Each of the pre-engineered building is tailor-made to meet the needs of our customers with high performance, efficiency and high quality standards.
If you are looking for a competitive price and best quality pre-engineered buildings fabractor around Melbourne region, please contact us for some advice. We are ready to answers any questions regarding your projects.
Fill the form or send us email to request a quotation from our professional advisory team. MelSteel will work out the details and contact you at the earliest.

Alternatively you can browse and place an order online in our online shop.

We can delivery and install them for you. (Open link to see the info).



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