DIY Steel Christmas Tree

If you haven’t yet done the Christmas Tree in your household, why not give this DIY Steel Christmas Tree using a few tools and Melsteel steel, a try!

Have a look at this Do It Yourself Christmas Tree, using only a few materials and and a little welding know how.

DIY Steel Christmas Tree. Pic by dvcooper.
DIY STeel Christmas Tree. Pic by dvcooper.

Tools Required:

  • MIG Welder or Braising Torch
  • Cut Off Saw


  • String of LED Christmas Lights, we recommend using specialised outdoor lights if you’re planning to have the tree outside.
  • Steel Rods, check out these from Melsteel’s range of steel products.
  • Cable Ties / Plastic Ties

Step 1:

Design the layout and structure of the tree to how you like it. You can start this process by using a sketch pad to get a rough idea of what you’re after. Experiment with different designs and see what you like!

Once you’re happy with your steel Christmas Tree design, measure and cut the rods to size and lay them out flat

Step 2:

Now we can start welding the structure together! Test the settings on your welder using a few scrap pieces to make sure the settings are correct for a strong bond. Don’t stress too much if you’re welds are messy, this won’t be visible once the lights are up.

Step 3:

Attach the lights and show off your creation!

Using the cable ties or plastic wire ties, tie the LED lights along the structure of the steel rods. Plug her in and you have yourself a Christmas tree that will be great for decorating your front yard for the Christmas period!

Always make sure that any welding you undertake is in a safe environment with the correct tools and equipment. We recommend using outdoor lights that can withhold the elements and changing weather conditions.

Thanks to dvcooper for the original guide on Instructables.