The construction industry is increasingly taking advantage of the benefits of structural steel.  If you’re not familiar with its many benefits, we’ve brought together some of the main bonuses to consider!


Structural steel offers a versatility that you might not expect from something so strong. However, steel is so much lighter and more durable than it is given credit for.  When you work with designers and steel fabricators, the possibilities are vast.  There aren’t a lot of materials this strong and cost-effective that can also be moulded or cut with such flexibility and ease.

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Space Efficient

The physical footprint of a structural steel support is much smaller than many other commonly used materials.  A concrete column, for example, requires a much bigger footprint and volume than structural steel to achieve the same support qualities.

It’s Sustainable

The majority of steel is made using recycled materials.  The amazing thing about steel is that it can be reused over and over without compromising the quality.  As a result, the steel manufacturing industry has a low carbon footprint in comparison with other peer industries.

Hey Good-Looking!

Structural steel has an aesthetic profile that people love.  It particularly suits modern design styles, as it is able to be fabricated into products that have sleek lines, curves and angles.  Because it is so much stronger and has smaller volume requirements, it increases the space and sense of natural light and openness when used for interior design elements.


Melsteel is one of the leading structural steel suppliers in Victoria, servicing Metro Melbourne and surrounding regions such as the Mornington Peninsula, Gippsland and Geelong areas.

So for all of your structural steel needs, contact Melsteel today.  We can help with everything from consultation and design, to fabrication and delivery.  Take advantage of steel’s great benefits, and let your construction projects shine!


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