From a temporary on-site office to a meeting/tea room or home work station, portable buildings offer a cost-effective and flexible way to create a secure working site on the go. Here are a few benefits of refreshing your work space and going portable.


It’s Portable


It’s all in the name! It’s portability makes it ideal for temporary work sites or a backyard home office where nothing is permanent. Being able to transport a secure building makes it a great long term investment for projects that involve travelling to temporary work sites.


It’s Flexible & Multi-purpose


The best part about being able to transport a building is that it’s incredibly flexible to your needs at any point in time. Portable buildings are also completely multi-purpose and aren’t necessarily used for just home offices or temporary work sites, they are often used for guest rooms, meeting rooms, storage, media and entertainment rooms, just to name a few.


Easy Assemble & Reduced to Flat Pack Storage


Our portable buildings are collapsible and can be reduced to a flat pack form for an easy storage solution in times where it’s not in use. They take approximately 15 minutes to assemble with a crane and only requires 8 bolts to completely install. We offer on-crane delivery with our portable buildings here at Melsteel.




Portable buildings are perfect for providing a secure room without having to pay a hefty price for a permanent building- especially if it’s for a temporary purpose. They are extremely cost-effective and have many long term economic advantages due to their mobility, flexibility and durability.